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Book #1The Food Cure—A Quick Start Guide: Use this quick start guide to familiarize yourself with the content of the series and quickly locate information by specific health condition or topic. Click here to download…


Book #2 –  Your Guide to Antioxidant Superfoods: Each strand of your DNA is attacked or damaged every 8.4 seconds! In this book, you’ll learn how to guard your precious cells with delicious, antioxidant-rich foods… and how to get your body to make more of its own internal antioxidant artillery. Click here to download…





Book #3 Organics: Beyond Green: Better taste and more nutrients too? You bet! In this book, you’ll discover how foods grown in accord with Mother Nature protect you from health-harming contaminants and pack more age-defying, disease-fighting nutrition into every bite. Click here to download…




Book #4Fats That Heal, Fats That Harm: Did you know that the fats you eat are metabolic messengers? They can tell your body to make hormones, turn on genes that guard against (or promote) cancer and even store fat or shed it. Make sure your body gets the right memos! Learn about the fats you need to stay healthy and slim… and how to get them in the right ratios.  Click here to download…



Book #5Your Guide to Living a Low-Glycemic Lifestyle: Your blood sugar is one of the best measure of your health. In this book you’ll learn why it’s so important to keep your blood sugar under control, and how to do it while enjoying sumptuous low-glycemic impact foods (including decadent desserts!). Click here to download…





Book #6Your Digestive Ecosystem: Tummy troubles? That’s not good! Your digestive health influences every other system in your body… as well as your risk for nearly every chronic disease. In this book, you’ll learn how to avoid the most common digestive threats and how to power up your digestion for better immunity, more nutrient absorption and better detoxification.  Click here to download…



Book #7 Smart Cooks Age Better: Did you know that many of the ill-effects of our diet can be blamed on our cooking? In this book, you’ll learn the best ways to p repare your food to maximize nutrients… and avoid health-harming, cancer-causing compounds. You’ll also learn which cookware and containers you should be using to stay free from cell-damaging and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Click here to download…



BONUS #1Depleted by Drugs Did you know that many over-the-counter and prescription medicines rob you of vital nutrients? In this free bonus, you’ll learn about the specific drugs that deplete vitamins, minerals and life-giving phytonutrients.Click here to download…





BONUS #2Your Kitchen Makeover Good health starts with “clean” ingredients. In this free bonus, you’ll learn about the most toxic additives and preservatives and how to keep them out of your food so you can preserve your health. Click here to download…



BONUS #320 Lifesaving Tests Your Doctor Hasn’t Performed (And Should!) Despite the fact that what we eat affects every organ and system in our body, did you know that most doctors have never taken a single nutrition course? In Western medicine, doctors treat the symptoms – not the cause of disease. This free book will open your eyes to the tests that can help uncover your risk of disease, the root causes of poor health, and the nutritional solutions to rejuvenate your body. Click here to download…




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